I was born in France,

                      and raised in Essonne(91). One

              day, just a small kid at the time, I found 

          myself seated in an audience, marveling in the

      sweet poetry of a man who set flight on the back of

   his upright bass. From the moment his feet left the ground        until today, I have been living a long, magnificent, and    

      at times, catastrophic adventure known as the circus.

 From slack rope to handstands, from foot juggling to icarian      games, from the grey skies of Châtellerault to the snowy             streets of Quebec, I strive to laugh and to create.

         Now, I find myself a part in the collectif À Sens

            Unique with who we turn our first show

               Léger démêlé. We actually turn a second

                      show called Mule, a duo show.